The Liberty CUBE

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The Liberty CUBE

The Liberty CUBE is a web-based, access control network appliance designed for small- to medium-sized installations, with up to 32 readers. Intuitive and easy to use, the CUBE simplifies access control with a cost-effective, all-in-one appliance. Liberty CUBE is a true IP solution: there are no proprietary control panels within the system. It utilizes a compact web appliance and every card reader becomes another IP device on the network. Complex control panel hardware configurations are replaced with compact, energy efficient Liberty Bridge devices, which communicate between door hardware and the Liberty CUBE using encrypted IP network protocols.

Liberty CUBE represents a paradigm shift in the approach to access control system architecture. The control software and databases are hosted on the Liberty CUBE. This replaces the traditional method of installing control firmware and a database on proprietary access control panels.

Powerful Features, Lower Costs, Easy to Install…

The Liberty CUBE sets a new price/performance standard for the S/MBE market by bundling enterprise software functionality in a powerful, compact network appliance. Combined with a “no panel” system architecture that’s less costly to install, you now have a competitive price advantage that’s hard to beat.