Napco StarLink Alarm Communicator

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Napco StarLink Alarm Communicator

Napco StarLink Alarm Communicators for Universal Intrusion Account Reporting

  • Universal – Work on ALL panels and applications
  • Report to any Central Station via dial-up or IP
  • Work with all Contact ID and 4/2 reporting formats
  • Nationwide Coverage AT&T or Verizon – Works even in fringe areas
  • Full data primary or backup reporting
  • Easiest, fastest installation & activation with auto-dialer capture
  • Powered by Panel, low current 71mA. (No separate power supply required.


Universal Commercial Fire Alarm Communicators

  • Universal full event sole path cellular commercial
    fire alarm reporting from any panel brand, virtually
  • For use as primary or backup communications on all
    12V-24V control panels and FACPs that communicate
    using Contact ID
  • NFPA and UL Code-Compliant Standard ABS or Merchantile Models in Locking Metal Enclosure
  • Reports to any Central Station nationwide, with your
    choice of cellular networks: Verizon Network Certified
    CDMA or GSM 3/4G on AT&T
  • Easy, flexible installation, activation & online account
  • Choice of plans with varying supervisory check-ins from
    200 seconds, to 5-minutes to 1 hour, Verizon or AT&T