Why ITSS? Consult ITSS Regarding Hard Drive Shortage!

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Information Technology Systems and Support, Inc. (ITSS) is quickly becoming the market leader in the Security Industry providing National Sales and technical coverage specializing in IP Camera video applications. ITSS has the ability to provide professional services for the most sophisticated applications. Why ITSS? • Premium service and support – fastest and most efficient service in the Industry! • 30 + years experience in the Security  and IT markets • Intel components in the servers and workstations provide top quality and support • Ability to provide the complete IP Camera backbone solution • National network of Independent Representative organizations allows for local instant response for pre and post support on projects • Top quality products allows for the most stable, high performance equipment and camera growth opportunities at competitively priced solutions • Reduce/eliminate down time and trips to site, increase profitability Products; Servers, Storage and Switches Services; Complete Network infrastructure design, support and hardware Servers • ITSS provides servers with the ability to increase camera counts for the future expansion of IP Camera video systems. Increased CPU, Memory and video cards are just a few standard upgrades ITSS provides.  When end users look to expand camera counts they are normally told minimal to no expansion is available. ITSS provides expansion! .• Equipment health notification allows for installers to be proactive on equipment service and maintenance. • ITSS does not offer discounted  EOL components • Standard configurations include redundant power supplies and raid storage to dramatically reduce down time Storage • SATA and SAS drives, NAS and iSCSI SAN • Cloud Network • Super High Bandwidth, Lowest latency • Non-blocking redundant path switches and high performance routers